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Access to FTP-server

If you are not a registered dealer at DSE, it is not possible to log on to our FTP-server!
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Dear dealer!

You can connect your computer to Danish Sign Export´s webserver, where you can download and use for free:
-       Pictures from our catalogues and brochures (both high- and low resolution files).
-       Technical guides as PDF files.
-       Pricelists as Excel- and PDF files.
-       INDesign files of the catalogues and brochures etc.
For PC with Windows 98 or prior versions, we recommend the programme Filezilla, which is a free programme.
For Windows 2000 and later versions, a FTP programme is not required, because it is possible to connect with the server through a browser.
If you have an Apple computer, you can use a browser or a FTP programme.
You must be logged in as a dealer on our website, in order to connect to our FTP server.
We are of course at your disposal, if you have further requests or wishes regarding the material!

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