Series 100

Street signs and A-boards directly from production. All street signs and A-boards are supplied from day to day, at the lowest prices.

Series 200

All poster frames, wall frames and snap frames Available immediately from stock. The products are delivered in the highest quality, guaranteed, and at the lowest rates.

Series 300

Roll-ups Available immediately from Northern Europe's largest stock. More than 20 flavors in stock in various sizes. All Roll-ups are in high quality, at the lowest rates.

Series 400

Banner Stands and Banner Displays Available immediately from stock. L-banner, X banner, beach flags and maxi no frame of high quality, incl. warranty, at competitive prices.

Series 500

Illuminated signs and LED light boxes of the highest quality from the best factories. All products are quality controlled and certified for immediate delivery and guarantee.

Series 600

Sign Ink and pen set for decorative hand writing signs and posters. Tokyo Alco is based on alcohol and Tokyo Aqua is water based. White and yellow poster paper in good quality stocked.

Series 700

Exhibition Systems and display systems Available immediately from stock. The products are of high quality and are supplied at competitive prices.

Series 800

Brochure holders and info displays of good quality. The products are delivered immediately from stock at competitive prices.

Serie 900

Multi Stand displays are available with high quality. All multi-capable displays and accessories Available immediately from stock to very competitive prices

Series 1000

Shop Impulz is Danish-made furniture solutions and displays. Our shop online Impulz fixtures and display solutions are in high quality. Products for impulse sales of particular fruit, vegetables, bread and flowers.

Serie 1100

Ashtrays and other dispensers Available immediately from stock. The products are produced in high quality and nice design, and comes at the lowest rates.

Series 1200

Acrylic displays and menu holders in very high quality. Wide range of acrylic displays Available immediately from stock. Large production of acrylic displays provide the lowest prices.



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